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EXPLORATION: Freedom From Conditioning | Professor Krishna

November 15, 2021 Krishnamurti Center, Ojai, CA Season 2 Episode 17
The Immeasurable Podcast
EXPLORATION: Freedom From Conditioning | Professor Krishna
Show Notes

Welcome back to The Immeasurable Podcast. This episode is a talk from a previous Annual May Gathering. It's called “Freedom From Conditioning" by Professor Krishna.

Professor Krishna was born in Chennai (south India) but grew up in Indore (central India) where his parents were educationists. He first met and heard Krishnamurti in 1957-58 and continued to listen to Krishnamurti during his visits to the education center in Rajghat, Varanasi. He was a Professor of Physics at the Banaras Hindu University when in 1985 Krishnamurti asked him to take charge of the Rajghat Education Centre as its Rector and Principal of the Rajghat Besant School. He worked in this capacity until 2003 and has since been in charge of the Krishnamurti Study Centre at Rajghat. He has lectured all over the world on Krishnamurti’s teachings, science, society, and education. In 2015 he wrote a memoir entitled, A Jewel on a Silver Platter: Remembering J.Krishnamurti

  • The first requirement to learning, according to Krishnamurti (00:53) 
  • What is conditioning? What do we mean by freedom from conditioning? (2:55)
  • Is all conditioning a problem? (6:30)
  • What do negative emotions mean?  (9:32)
  • Why do we believe in illusions? (10:04)
  • When the false ends (11:50)
  • What would it mean to examine oneself? (12:25)
  • Why is it important to examine the self? (13:40)
  • Can thought perceive what is true? (17:12)
  • Professor Krishna on belief, truth, and illusion (23:34)
  • The root problem of division among human beings (25:32)
  • The ego (28:00)
  • Watching consciousness in the mirror of relationship (29:30)
  • The role thought plays in the quest for truth (30:10)
  • Does one eliminate conditioning? (34:45)
  • What is one seeking? (39:10)
  • Why the management of ego doesn't solve any problem (42:43)
  • Perception is real action (45:20)

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