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EXPLORATION: The Paradox of Change | David Moody

September 01, 2021 Krishnamurti Center, Ojai, CA Season 2 Episode 13
The Immeasurable Podcast
EXPLORATION: The Paradox of Change | David Moody
Show Notes

Welcome back to The Immeasurable Podcast. This episode is a recording from this year’s Online May Gathering, a talk given by David Moody called “The Paradox of Change," followed by a Q&A with Karen Hesli, Nandini Patnaik, and David Moody. 

 David Edmund Moody, Ph.D., is the author of three books about Krishnamurti. His most recent book is Krishnamurti in America: New Perspectives on the Man and his Message. This book represents a full-scale biography of Krishnamurti’s life, with special attention to the events in America that have not been covered well in previous biographies.

Moody was the first teacher hired when Krishnamurti founded the Oak Grove School in Ojai, California, in 1975.  He subsequently served as educational director of the school, and as director, the position he held at the time of Krishnamurti’s death in 1986.  He later took his Ph.D. in science education (UCLA, 1991) with a focus on student misconceptions in the study of biological evolution.

  • Krishnamurti's view on how we deal with problems (3:38)
  • Seeing the danger of thought (4:06)
  • What did Krishnamurti have to say about time? (5:23) 
  • Did humanity take a wrong turn? (6:28)
  • What is the "ending of time?" (8:00)
  • Why the paradox of change goes right into the heart of Krishnamurti's philosophy (11:20)
  • Three reasons why the process of becoming is problematic (12:108)
  • The difference between chronological time and psychological time (12:35) 
  • David describes the psychological self (17:55)
  • Image-making: how it relates to the process of becoming and generating inner conflict (22:37) 
  • Genuine, authentic change that is free of time and image (25:46)
  • What is the nature and meaning of transformation? (26:32)
  • The negative approach (28:56)
  • Transformation isn't something that you do, it's something you see  (30:47)
  • Illusion and insight (31:49)
  • What does psychological revolution entail? (39:00)
  • David reads an excerpt from “The Urgency of Change” book (43:21)
  • Karen introduces  Q&A panel (47:00)

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