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EXPLORATION: Exploring Education | Darcy Gray and Jaap Sluijter

February 01, 2024 Krishnamurti Center, Ojai, CA Season 3 Episode 41
The Immeasurable Podcast
EXPLORATION: Exploring Education | Darcy Gray and Jaap Sluijter
Show Notes

You’re listening to The Immeasurable Podcast and this episode is an exploration on education between Darcy Gray and Jaap Sluijter. Darcy Gray's interest in Krishnamurti's teachings began in his early twenties, leading him to join the Krishnamurti School in Ojai, California, shortly after its establishment in 1975. During his three-decade tenure at Oak Grove School, he engaged in staff dialogues with Krishnamurti and David Bohm, contributing to various roles in the high school, elementary school, and administration. While teaching math and physics, traditionally approached with rote methods, Darcy prioritized innovative ways of presenting the subjects, fostering a collaborative learning atmosphere in the classroom. His teaching philosophy involved questioning both right and wrong answers, encouraging students to share their perspectives even when divergent from his expectations. Despite retiring in 2020, Darcy remained actively involved in Oak Grove School’s Krishnamurti discussions, volunteering and sustaining a profound interest in K’s questions and dialogues. Jaap Sluijter has a long-standing interest in the questions raised by Krishnamurti. Currently, Jaap is the Executive Director of the Krishnamurti Foundation of America. Previously, he lived and taught at Brockwood Park School in England. He has an MA in Mechanical Engineering and worked as a design engineer in the field of camera systems and musical instruments. 

Together, Darcy and Jaap discuss education, drawing insight from Krishnamurti's teachings. They explore the nuances of establishing a meaningful teacher-student relationship, emphasizing the importance of fostering independent thinking. The speakers advocate for a serious learning dynamic, addressing challenges such as fear, judgment, and bullying in the classroom and highlighting the need for clear expectations and standards.

In this dialogue, Jaap and Darcy explore the intricacies of addressing conflict in school, emphasizing the examination of personal desires and vulnerability. They also discuss the impact of Krishnamurti's emphasis on questioning and awareness. The speakers concluded by challenging traditional notions of intelligence, promoting freedom from conditioning, and envisioning schools as spaces for creativity and growth, breaking away from the dichotomy of obedience and rebellion. Click here to watch the previous episode they reference, which pertains to the Flame of Learning book.

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